The series of Snake Charmer®II .410 and 28 gauge shotguns is a recent American inovation on an old theme : the small gun, kept out of sight until needed, easy to use, and easy to carry and maintain.
In a survival situation, a .410 slug, properly placed, will bring down a deer or even larger animal.
Big thanks to Amelia Reynolds for helping re-construct the Snake Charmer Site.
For home or personal defense, remember that a 3" Magnum .410 cartridge will fire a slug or five pellets of Double Ought Buckshot.


Both are very effective loads. The Snake Charmer®II is a very versatile weapon, and will handle any modern load for the .410.
The Snake Charmer®II shotguns are exceptionally well made from the highest quality materials. They are single shot with a break-top action, generally regarded as the safest action type available, and are ideal for a first gun or for use as a training gun.


They are also great fun to shoot.

The Snake Charmer®II is a great gun to keep around the home for protection or varmint extermination.