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Shotguns have a long history dating back to 19th century and these guns are called by different names like Rowling piece, pepper gun and scatter gun. These guns are fired from the shoulder and they have unique barrel to ensure greater firing capability. Once you press the trigger, the shot pellets fall out and spread all over the place. The shot guns are available in different designs like the riot gun, hunting gun, sports gun, law enforcing gun and so on. The Snake Charmer shotgun is one category of hunting gun. Basically, shotguns are intended for fast moving small objects. These are single barrel guns and there are larger size shotguns which have higher penetrating effect with higher effective power range.

Interestingly, shotguns are considered to be ideal for short range and for still objects in long range. Many feel that for short range objects even an inexperienced shooter can comfortably fire at the target. But, in reality it is not so; in fact, experts are of the opinion that irrespective of the range, proper aiming is a necessity. In fact, in short range the shot will not spread unless it is properly aimed. Obviously when fired from short range and with proper aiming at the object, the fire from the shotgun will cause considerable damage on the object. It is generally believed that a shotgun would be an effective firearm when it is fired at a range of about 100 feet. Obviously, higher caliber shotgun will have higher effective range.

Not long ago, shotguns were used for mob control exercises. In fact, the riot police were firing these from long range and the gun was being aimed below the waist of the rioters so as to ensure that the wound is not fatal. However, now riot police all over the world are using rubber bullets or bean bag rounds and the wound from such bullets would not cause any serious injuries on the rioters. In most of the countries even rubber bullets continue to be aimed below the waist of the rioters and they are also being fired from long range.

The shotguns including the snake charmer model shotguns are available in different sizes. For example, there is snake charmer II of 410 gauges, River walkers shot gun which has a unique facility for loading four bullets at a time, Snake charmer S3 shot gun, Snake charmer stainless survival shot gun, sawed off shotgun, snake charmer pistol and so on. The guns are designed to ensure higher fire range and also for greater maneuverability. For example, in the case of River Walker shotgun you can load up to four bullets at a time. This enables you to fire at quick succession so as to cause maximum possible deterrent shots on the object. Similarly, the sawed off shotgun has short barrel which gives greater maneuverability and with short barrel perfect aiming would be possible.

As you know, shotguns are considered to be highly effective in self defense. Many people buy the snake charmer shotguns exclusively for purpose of self defense. This is because, these guns can be easily operated, it is easy to aim at the object and the gun has greater firing capability. With shotgun in his hand, the shooter can fire at multiple targets in quick succession and loading of pellets is considerably easier. In fact, even an inexperienced person can handle the shotgun; but of course he must have the ability to aim at the target.

The price of the snake charmer shotgun depends on the design and the utilities available in the gun. Before buying the gun, you must go through the review of the model you are planning to buy. You must browse and find out the various models of snake charmer shotguns and the specifications like the fire range, barrel size and type of bullets to be used and so on. You must also ascertain about the after sales service. It is appropriate that buy the gun from a reputed manufacturer with proper license from the appropriate government agency. This would ensure that the gun you buy is of utmost good quality. Some of the dealers in guns also market used shotguns. But, while buying such guns you must exercise greater care about the quality of the gun. Wherever necessary before buying the gun you must also consult an expert in fire arms.

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