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The Snake Charmer II Field Gun is a lightweight long gun weighing approximately four pounds, as compared to the typical shotgun weight of six to eight pounds. It is built on the same action as the Snake Charmer II and has the same stainless steel barrel for great safety and comfortable shooting. This is a great learners gun, and is extremely handy in the field, in a vehicle, and around camp. It is a nice little game getter, and with light loads will take birds, rabbits and the like with dispatch and little noise. If needed, a properly placed .410 rifled slug will bring down deer sized game.

The Snake Charmer II is compact, potent, and it is also just great fun to shoot. This marvelous little gun is 100% American made, and will give you many years of dependable service.

The Snake Charmer II Field Gun

 .410 or 28 Gauge
 Stainless Steel Construction
 American Wood Stock and Forearm
 24" Barrel
 14" Pull
 Handles All Factory Ammunition

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