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Home Protection

If you need some extra home protection, this gun may be perfect for you. Simple, reliable and easy to handle, the combination of a shotgun's sure stopping power and the absence of a handgun or rifle's overpenetration, makes the Snake Charmer II an excellent choice for home protection.

Rugged Outdoor Companion

Outdoor Enthusiasts of all types appreciate the compact size, reliability and high corrosion-resistance of these rugged little shotguns. Ideal for campers, off-road enthusiasts, hikers and boaters alike. With the available custom scabbard and case, the original .410 Snake Charmer II II is easily attached to a belt or a backpack, or a saddle or ATV frame. The original Snake Charmer II .410 is a mere 29" long and only 18 1/2" when broken down.


For hunters young and old, the Snake Charmer II is an excellent little game getter. A careful hunter can easily take rabbits, dove and quail sized birds, squirrel and the like using medium power cartridges and 6 to 9 size shot. An experienced marksman, using the Snake Charmer II field gun, can place six rounds of magnum .410 slugs into a paper plate at 100 feet in less than 30 seconds. This is a lot of firepower out of a four pound weapon.


This gun is built to last, with a heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel barrel and action, and a light-weight butt-stock in either high-impact ABS plastic or wood. A tried and true reliable single-action design and breach (or "break-top") loading make the Snake Charmer II simple and easy to use. The Snake Charmer II is a proven commodity. Fewer complicated features means fewer malfunctions. You will like your Snake Charmer II and it will provide you with years and years of dependable service.


Proven over time to be extremely rugged, the Snake Charmer II is also equipped with several intrinsic safety features. First and foremost, the gun is equipped with a visually-verifiable safety mechanism: two red dots showing means "Attention! The gun is ready to fire!". Secondly, the single action design requires two steps to fire the gun: manual cocking of the external hammer, and a positive trigger pull. The position of the external hammer is an added visible indication of the safety status of the gun. Furthermore, commercially available safety locks fit nicely over the trigger guardes of all Snake Charmer II shotguns.

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