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The ultra-Compact Snake Charmer II shotgun is a small, lightweight .410 shotgun that is ideal for backpackers, boaters, off-road drivers, home protection and any other place that a small, light and easy to use shotgun might come in handy. It is of single shot, break-top design, generally recognized as the safest type of action for a novice or learner to use.

The Snake Charmer II is well constructed and 100% American manufactured of high quality steel and high impact ABS plastic. The steel in the Snake Charmer II is all stainless.

The Snake Charmer II weighs just over three pounds and is less than 29 inches long, so it is easily carried and extremely handy to use. It is easily broken down, and when broken down will fit into a space 181/2" x 5" x 2" along with a full box of ammunition. The stock has room for four spare rounds of Magnum .410 ammunition.

The Ultra-Compact Snake Charmer II

 .410 Gauge
 Stainless Steel Construction
 181/4 " Barrel
 29" total length
 Handles All Factory Ammunition

with an overall weight of just over 3 ponds and length of less than 29 inches, your customers can carry their Snake Charmer II almost anywhere. This handy little shotgun has a barrel length of 181/4 inches, and is a legal vehicule gun in most states.
• Handles all standard .410 gauge factory ammunition
• Easy "take down" for storage in backpack or large tackle box
• Built-in holder for 4 three-inch shells in the stock
• Available with a carrying case or scabbard


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